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Hol dir die neuen, kultigen Nike Styles. Entdecke die Nike Jogging Kollektion PC ab 159,00€: Lange vergleichen oder gleich beim Günstigsten kaufe With the use of gamification design and principles, fitness apps are making major breakthroughs in helping people shift their views on exercising. Here are six running apps recommended by ITWorld that would have you up and running in no time. GymPact [iOS and Android] - This free app will hit you where it hurts - your wallet. Connecting. Need an app that makes life better and keeps you motivated? Perhaps it's time to consider getting a gamification app. Gamification has become popular in the areas of personal improvement and productivity. Individuals, organizations, and businesses are using it to enhance user engagement, injecting an element of fun into otherwise tedious or challenging tasks

For an extra push, these awesome apps are ushering in a new era of gamification to fitness. These fitness apps make working out insanely fun - you'll be showing up to the gym 7 days a week! 1. Zombies, Run! For many of us living in an age of digitized instant gratification, running isn't always the most exciting fitness activity. While some may find running meditative, others find it. The 10 best productivity apps that utilize Gamification 10. Todoist Karma - gamified productivity app that uses Karma as a measure of progress. Link to website; How it works: First in our list at #10 is Todoist Karma, a simple, easy to use task manager that utilizes a point system to rank a player and get them motivated to complete objectives. When tasks are completed, the player gets Karma. Die erwähnte Jogging-App ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür. Das Laufen selbst enthält per se keine Spielelemente. Die Verknüpfung des Erreichten mit einem sozialen Netzwerk in Kombination mit Abzeichen für bestimmte Leistungen schafft allerdings einen Motivationseffekt, der sich oft auch in Spielen wiederfindet. Wie sieht Gamification im ERP-Projekt aus? Im ERP-Kontext liegt der primäre.

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PEDOMETER + RPG! Also known as Fitness Fantasy. Train your team of heroes as you exercise, the more activities the stronger your heroes become! Let's take on the challenges, and embark on the journey of becoming the new best you! It has been 12 years since the Dark Force took over Fitland. Villagers await the saviour to return. Will you be the one to lead a team of heroes, defeat enemies and. App Gamification Examples. The following are a few nice examples of apps that use gamification so you could get a feel of how it is used in practice. Nike+ Run Club . Nike+ Run Club is a free exercise app that offers run tracking, training and a gamified experience to keep you active. It integrates Apple Music and Spotify into the interface, so you can make custom run playlists and offers a My. Aber: Wer immer noch 30 GB Musik auf seinem iPhone hat, dem hilft die App, seiner alten Musik ein neues Jogging-Outfit zu verpassen. Die App analysiert die Laufgeschwindigkeit und sucht aus der. Nike+ app | Image Credit: Nike. Outlined below are the best gamification examples in products: 1. Nike+. Nike's running app may be the most effective gamified product in the world right now. It tracks your run-ins statistics and measures your progress towards a specific goal. With this data, it taps into your competitive instinct, making you. The app does not transform jogging in a game but, starting from the game changes some elements (charts, challenges, points) that make the activity more fun and powerful

The app tracks our running statistics and measures our progress towards goals. It compells us to go out and beat our record next time around. Not only that, but it hooks up to social media so we can compete with (or show off to) our friends. The advantage for Nike is that it gets more people out and running which - ultimately - drives Nike sales. Codecademy . Gamification works especially. 1. Was ist Gamification? Unter Gamification versteht man die Verwendung spieltypischer Elemente - Punktesammeln zum Beispiel - mit dem Ziel, dass bestimmte Aufgaben erledigt werden. Beispiel: Jogging-Apps. Mit ihnen motivieren sich Läufer selbst, Sport zu treiben, weil der Trainingsfortschritt sichtbar wird oder es für jeden gelaufenen. Our pals at We Play have written a series on gamification (in case you are interested and like to find out more). Back to Nike - the game is powered by the user's everyday movement and uses NikeFuel to track and monitor progress. Based on the difficulty level that the user chooses, they're challenged to earn a specific amount of NikeFuel to move to the next level. Each mission and level. Gamification is helpful in mobile apps because elements from games create a playful experience for users. There are a couple of reasons why you should consider this technique, but the main one is a gamification is a great option when your goal is to combine user acquisition with retention. In effect, gamification helps you create a mobile app that provides sustainable customer growth

Giving your customers a sense that the clock is running out or that other customers are eyeing their shopping carts are ways brands leverage people's concerns about scarcity. Gaming tactics can add a little pressure to the buying experience in a fun way that customers don't resist. Duolingo, a language-learning app, encourages people to build a winning streak through daily practice - and. So, we have some anecdotal evidence in favor of gamification, some studies with mixed results, evidence that the benefits are short-term, and handful of warnings to be wary of apps that over-promise It's hard to be best at everything. We believe in creating a great gamification app and making it easy to connect Pointagram. Here you will find integrations that will enrich your experience. Use on of our plug an play connections or build your own with our custom api. With Zapier, Pointagram can connect to over 750+ apps

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Rules of the game I really don't think gamification is something new, in APAC, or in the world, says Penny Chow, managing director at Reprise HK Mit der Nike Run Club App zählt jeder Lauf. Zeichne deine Läufe auf, fordere deine Freunde heraus und lass dich immer wieder aufs Neue motivieren Running App an und los geht's! Back: Alle Beiträge; Next:7 Min Workout und Gamification; About the Author Niclas Deißler. Niclas Deißler studiert seit 2010 an der Technischen Universität Ilmenau Angewandte Medienwissenschaft. Durch diesen Studiengang konnte er schon zahlreiche Erfahrungen in den Bereichen PR, Entrepreneurship und. Integrate gamification into your business by running a contest. Looking for a gamification marketing strategy that will help expand brand awareness? Run a contest! Contests are exciting and fun to participate in. The most successful contests improve the visibility of your brand and can drive massive customer interaction. Source: The MKTG STR. Everyone should know about McDonald's.

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